Bonsoy - Crema di soia fermentata naturale

BonSoy - Crema di Soia fermentata naturale

After long years of researches into fermentation of not genetically modified soya milk (GMO free), we have realized a fine cream, without “bean” aftertaste, rich in proteins and essential fat acids, indispensable for an healthy and right diet. It is 100% vegetable and enriched with vitamins A and D3; it is recommended for children and adults intolerants to lactose, egg and gluten, due to the absence of these components. BonSoy does not contain cholesterol and for this reason is suggested for low fats diets. Moreover we added inulin, the noble fibre that helps the regulation of intestinal flora with its bifid-genic effect, as well as the absorption of Calcium.

Ingredients Water, soya beverage 43% (water, decorticated not genetically modified soya seeds 7.2%), corn starch, food fibre: inulin 1,6%, glucose, salt, selected yeasts, vitamin A, vitamin D3, acidity corrector: citric acid.
Features 100% vegetable, natural product. No lactose, cholesterol, gluten content. It contains noble proteins and is rich in vitamin A, vitamin D3 and Calcium. Inulin (vegetable fibre) content: 1.6%.
Packaging Cluster 2 x 125 g (4.41 ozUK) plastic jars.
Expiry date 180 days production date.
Storage Keep cool and dry. Cold-storage suggested.
Organic Available also organic.

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