Burro con Tartufo nero

Butter with black truffle

Ingredients Butter, “Tuber Aestivum Vitt.” (different percentages), extract for stock, salt.
Features First surfacing cream butter with addition of black truffle “Tuber Aestivum Vitt.” (different percentages) and extract for stock (our production). It has a typical colour of black truffle, strong taste, very easy to spread.
Properties Fit to season: appetizers, first and main dishes. Easy digestible, it gives characteristic taste and scent of truffle. 100% natural, no preservatives and flavours, it’s easy to use.
Packaging 80 g (2.82 ozUK) glass jars – 350/500/700 g (0.77/1.10/1.54 lbs.) plastic trays.
Storage Keep in the fridge at +4°/+6° C.
Expiry date 180 days production date.


Croutons with truffle

Spread the truffled butter on hot croutons.

Risotto with truffle

Boil the rice, drain it add truffled butter, extra-virgin olive oil and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, stir and serve hot.

Truffled meat

Cook in a non-stick pan some steaks or cutlets with extra-virgin olive oil and salt. Add truffled butter half way through the cooking. Serve with fresh vegetables.

Truffled eggs “al tegamino”

Cook in a non-stick pan 2 eggs with extra-virgin olive oil. Add truffled butter half way trough the cooking. Serve with fresh vegetables.

Truffled champignons

Cook some champignons with extra-virgin olive oil, half a glass of water, half a vegetable die and a garlic glove. Add truffled butter, salt (according to taste) and chopped fresh parsley end of cooking, Serve hot.

Truffled fondue

Warm up 0.6 litre (0.13 galUK) of milk with salt. Aside, blend white wheat flour (60 g – 2.12 ozUK) into truffled butter (60 g – 2.12 ozUK), cook on a slow heat for some minutes, dissolve in the milk and finish to cook. Take off the fire, add 6 eggs yolks and stir fast. May be served as appetizer with croutons, or ladled out on risottos, eggs, meats or cooked vegetables.

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