Goldal's plant

Goldal's plant

Goldal extends on 2,000 square meters approx. His-owned plant is subjected to strict controls in order to ensure high quality and health standards and has obtained the prestigious international BRC and IFS certifications, the authorization for the production of organic foods and the CE stamp.

Our production is split into five departments:

  • Creams with truffle, butter with truffle, manufactured truffles and truffled oil
  • Fermented soya creams, natural and with six different qualities of fruits
  • Vegetable steaks and roasts
  • Mayonnaise without egg
  • Production of food extracts

Trained staff, automatized and up-to-date equipments, craft passion, allow to obtain high quality products and to reply to the different requests of the market, either for type of product or production capacity.

The speciality foods are created and tested in the internal laboratory of research and chemical/biochemical analysis, conducted by qualified technicians and equipped with a sophisticated instrumentation. All lots of production are real-time analyzed.


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