Maioré maionese vegetale

MaioRé – Vegetable mayonnaise flavoured cream without egg

After long years of many researches into soya proteins, we have realized the “mayonnaise” without egg, cholesterol and with 50% content of fats less than a traditional mayonnaise. Painstaking choice of raw material and steady control of process allow obtain a very high quality product. It is a 100% vegetable cream with a dainty taste of mayonnaise. It is a new product, recommended for lactose and egg allergy sufferers, suggested for low-calory diets, subsequent to its low content of fats and absence of cholesterol. No colouring agents.

Ingredients Water, sunflower oil 35%, lemon juice 7%, modified corn starch, salt, sugar, mustard seeds flour, not genetically modified soya proteins, brandy vinegar, thickener: xanthan gum, preservative agents: E 202, E 211.
Features It is an excellent substitute of egg mayonnaise, both structured and tasty. Low fats and carbohydrates content in comparison with a traditional mayonnaise. Easy to spread.
Properties 100% vegetable product, rich in noble proteins. No cholesterol, lactose, egg content.
Packaging 250 ccs. (8.8 fl ozUK) glass jar with sleeve label. Different sizes, always vacuum, available on request.

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