Prodotti Tartufati

Truffled products line

Goldal has been market leader for 20 years in the production of creams with truffle and truffled oils. The excellence of our products arises from the painstaking choice of raw materials, the high technology of our equipments and the professional competence of our staff. We produce butter with truffle own branded and for important and well-known Italian food industries. Our products are available from the most important Big Distribution Chains.

Prodotti Vegetali

Vegetable line

After many years of research into fermentation of soya not genetically modified, we have realized 100% vegetable products, without cholesterol, without lactose, without egg and with a low content of fats. Furthermore, we have found the way to eliminate the typical “bean taste” of the soya, that many consumers don’t appreciate. The vegetable line includes Fioré vegetable soya steak, Prontoré vegetable soya roast, Bonsoy fermented soya cream (natural and with fruits) and Maioré vegetable mayonnaise.

Novità da Goldal

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