Prontorè Vegetale

ProntoRé vegetable roast

The vegetable roast ProntoRé is produced exclusively from not genetically modified soya (GMO free) and from noble wheat proteins. It is 100% vegetable but not Seltan, is obtained from a natural fermentation and then enriched with vitamins A and D3. Besides, we remark the presence of inulin, the noble fibre that helps the regulation of intestinal flora with its bifid-genic effect, as well as the absorption of Calcium. ProntoRé does not contain cholesterol and is recommended for low-fats diets. It is suggested for lactose allergy sufferers due to the absence of this component. ProntoRé is an excellent substitute for meat, easily digestible, precooked, it always maintains its tender texture. The ProntoRé production line is subjected to strict sanitary controls by qualified technicians from our internal analysis and research laboratory.

Ingredients Ingredients precooked ProntoRé: soya beverage 77% (water, concentrated not genetically modified soya proteins 3.5%, extra-virgin olive oil, Vitamins A and D3, acidity corrector: citric acid), wheat gluten 19%, durum wheat flour, food fibre 1.6%: inulin, salt, rosemary, oregano, pepper, natural flavours, selected yeasts.
Juice ingredients: extra-virgin olive oil, white wine, stock preparation (salt, flavour enhancer: monosodium glutamate, disodium inosinate, disodium gualynate, vegetable fats and oils, yeast extract, sugar, curcuma, dehydrated parsley, dehydrated celery), pepper, rosemary, oregano.
Features It is an excellent substitute of meat, both structured and tasty. Fats and carbohydrates low content. Always tender and without scrap.
Properties 100% vegetable product, rich in noble proteins. No cholesterol, lactose, egg content. It contains vitamins A and D3. Rich in food fibre: inulin 1.6%.
Packaging 200/300 grams (0.44/0.66 ozUK) vacuum bags about in box with visual opening. Different sizes, always vacuum, available on request.



Remove the net from the roast, cut it into slices and lay them in a non-stick pan with extra-virgin olive oil. Warm up on a medium flame for 2 minutes approx. and serve hot with fresh vegetables or roast potatoes.

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