Olio al Tartufo

Truffled aromatic oil

Ingredients Extra-virgin olive oil, flavours.
Features 100% vegetable, it has typical colour of extra-virgin olive oil.
Properties Fit to season: appetizers, first and main dishes. Easy digestible, it gives characteristic taste and scent of white truffle. Easy to use.
Packaging 250 ccs (8.8 fl ozUK) bottles with drip-catcher. Carton 12 bottles.
Storage Keep cool, dark and dry.
Expiry date 1 year production date in sealed packaging.


Truffles croutons

Pour truffled oil on hot croutons.

Truffled risotto

Boil the rice in salt water, drain, add butter, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese (according to taste) and truffled oil. Stir and serve hot.

Truffled meat

Cook in a non-stick pan some steaks or cutlets with extra-virgin olive oil (or butter) and salt. Add truffled oil half way through the cooking. Serve with fresh vegetables.

Truffled eggs “al tegamino”

Cook in a non-stick pan 2 fresh eggs with butter, salt and pepper. Add truffled oil half way trough the cooking. Serve with fresh vegetables.

Truffled champignons

Cook some champignons with extra-virgin olive oil, half a glass of water, half a vegetable die and a garlic glove. Add truffled oil, salt (according to taste) and chopped fresh parsley end of cooking, Serve hot.

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